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About RDA/US

RDA's 5th Plenary in San Diego, CARDA/United States (RDA/US) is comprised of the United States (U.S.) members of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), an international organization that focuses on the development of infrastructure to reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange, and accelerate data-driven innovation worldwide.  The RDA/US mission is to build the RDA community in the U.S. and leverage RDA momentum to advance the U.S. data community

Formed in 2012 through grant funding received from the National Science Foundation (NSF), RDA/US provides U.S. leadership and support to the RDA, as well as providing a community venue for U.S. data-focused organizations, agencies and domains to coordinate nationally.  RDA members constitute more than 33% of the 3400+ RDA members and include data science professionals and researchers, domain scientists, library and information scientists, computer scientists, data practitioners, and others.   

RDA members from the U.S. who join RDA by signing up at and agreeing to RDA’s guiding principles automatically become part of the RDA/US community.  RDA/US leadership  is formed from the U.S. leadership of RDA Interest Groups, Working Groups, Technical Advisory Board, Organizational Advisory Board, Council and Secretariat. 

RDA/US is contributing to the data community through the acceleration and adoption of useful infrastructure that promotes data-sharing and data-driven research, and is accelerating the development of a more cohesive data community of innovation that integrates contributors across domain, research, national, geographical and generational boundaries.