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2nd NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework Workshop:Standard Ecosystem for Big Data Applications and Analytics

NIST will host its 2nd NIST Big Data Public Working Group (NBD-PWG) workshop for NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework (NBDIF) with the theme of Towards a Standard Ecosystem for Big Data Applications and Analyticson June 1-2, 2017 at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The NBD-PWG was established together with the industry, academia and government to create a consensus-based extensible NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework (NBDIF) which is a vendor-neutral, technology- and infrastructure-independent ecosystem. It can enable Big Data stakeholders (e.g. data scientists, researchers, etc.) to utilize the best available analytics tools to process and derive knowledge through the use of standard interfaces between swappable architectural components.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop program will focus on four major areas: (a) NBDIF Version 2 Overview – consensus approach to establish interoperable ecosystem for Big Data applications and analytics, (b) Big Data application challenges – how standard ecosystem may overcome Big Data applications development challenges from major government programs and initiatives, (c) Big Data analytics challenges – how standard ecosystem may provide reusable, deployable, and operational analytics tools from major government chief data scientists/officers, and (d) ! Explore Exascale Big Data Analytics and Systems.

NBDIF Version 2 Draft Documents are available at:


  • Keynote Speaker: Chaitan Baru, Data Science Advisor, NSF
  • NIST Big Data PWG Subgroup Co-Chairs
    • Nancy Grady, Principal Data Scientist and Technical Fellow, SAIC
    • Geoffrey Fox, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Informatics, Indiana University
    • Piyush Mehrotra, Chief, NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division, NASA
    • Arnab Roy, Member of Research Staff, Fujitsu Laboratories of America
    • Mark Underwood, CEO, Sr. Business Process Architect, Krypton Brothers
    • David Boyd, Vice-President o! f Data Solutions, InCadence Strategic Solutions      
    • Gregor von Laszewski, Assistant Director of Community Grids Lab, Adjunct Associate Professor, Indiana University
    • Russell Reinsch, Analyst for Center for Government Interoperability
  • John Sprague, CTO for IT, NASA
  • Cavan Capps, Big Data Lead, Census
  • Jaime Adams, Senior Advisor for International Affairs, Office of the Chief Scientist, USDA
  • Vivien Bonazzi, Senior Advisor for Data Science Technologies, NIH
  • Daniel Morgan, Chief Data Officer, DOT
  • Mike Kraemer, Chief Data Officer, Board of Governors of the F! ederal Reserve System
  • Avi Bender, Director, NTIS
  • David Belanger, Chair of IEEE Big Data Initiative, Senior Research Fellow, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Mahmoud Daneshmand, Vice-Chair of BDGMM and Co-Founder and Chair of Steering Committee of IEEE IoT Journal, Steven Institute of Technology
  • Kathy Grise, IEEE Senior Program Director, Future Directions, IEEE


The NBD-PWG cordially invites Big Data-related experts (data scientists, application developers, systems/DevOps engineers, etc.), and program managers and policy makers (CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, etc.) to participate, review, discuss, comment, and provide contributions that will enhance the NBDIF documents and better support Big Data applications and analytics.


Registration is free but required and the cut-off date is May 25, 2017

NIST Big Data Public Working Group website:

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Point of Contact: Wo Chang,