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BioSharing Recommendations: Data Repositories, Standards and Policies in the Life, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences

BioSharing ( is a curated, web-based searchable portal of three linked registries of content standards, databases, and data policies in the life sciences, broadly encompassing the biological, biomedical and environmental sciences. In this webinar Peter will present BioSharing, with a special focus on the mapping of resources from community projects and journal publishers.

Launched in 2011 and built by the same core team as the successful MIBBI portal, BioSharing harnesses community curation to collate and cross-reference resources across the life sciences from around the world. Every record is designed to be interlinked, providing a detailed description not only of the resource itself, but also on its relationships with other life science infrastructures. BioSharing maps the dynamic landscape of over 600 community-developed standards, monitoring their development, evolution and implementation in (over 700) databases, detailing their adoption in funder and journal data policies. BioSharing content can be searched using simple or advanced searches, explored via a step-by-step wizard, filtered via our faceted search, or grouped as 'Collections' or Recommendations (which are based on a data policy). Examples are the  TDWG Biodiversity Information Standards (, and the PLOS Data Policy recommendation ( As a community effort, BioSharing offers users the ability to 'claim', edit and update records. BioSharing cultivates an active user community, operating via an open working group under Force11 and the Research Data Alliance. The Recommendation from our RDA WG is now available for community review (

Target audience:
Standard developers, database curators/developers, policy makers, data repository managers, research administrators, data managers, project coordinators and researchers will all benefit from participation.


Dr Peter McQuilton
University of Oxford e-Research Centre (UK)