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Host RDA's 11th Plenary in 2018!

RDA is seeking proposals from organizations or countries interested in hosting its 11th Plenary Meeting in early 2018 (from late February to early April).

These Plenary meetings are working events, built around the breakout sessions of the RDA Working, Interest and Birds of a Feather Groups and occur every six months with the goal of supporting and facilitating the current work of RDA and to inform and broaden the reach of RDA. With often more than 600 participants, these meetings provide great visibility and enhanced global stature for hosting agencies and organizations.

The RDA Plenary Guidelines, located on the global RDA website, describe the requirements and criteria for selecting plenary hosts. For this plenary, the RDA Council will consider the following criteria, in addition to the considerations described in the guidelines:

  • The engagement with and support of RDA by the hosting country and organization(s) with RDA. 
  • Global accessibility of the location especially for currently active members of RDA
  • Local staff support for planning and implementing the meeting
  • Financial support for the meeting through sponsorship, government grants, or other independent means. Hosts should not expect registration fees to cover the full cost of the meeting.

For more information about our most recently Plenary, hosted in Denver, Colorado this past fall, visit

If you are interested in potentially hosting an RDA Plenary, please contact the RDA/US office and we can provide more information on the benefits and requirements of hosting.