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RDA Announces Liaison with the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is an international group that promotes and supports digital humanities (DH) research and teaching. ADHO formally began in 2006 with its first Digital Humanities conference and has since grown to include five constituent organizations from Europe, Canada, the United States, Australasia, and Japan, and is primarily invested in initiatives for publication, presentation, collaboration, and training for digital humanists. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) offers a unique space to explore the data sharing needs and practices of the DH community. Bridget Almas, a RDA and RDA/US member and lead software developer for the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University, will serve as the first liaison between the two organizations and explore the potential benefits of a relationship between the two organizations.

As liaison, Bridget will keep ADHO's steering committee informed of new outputs and deliverables from the RDA that could be of interest to individual DH projects and its constituent organizations. ADHO also offers a route to promote and find adopters for RDA's existing and future outputs. In the future, Bridget will also facilitate ADHO member’s participation in RDA working and interest groups, such as the domain interest group on Digital Practices in History and Ethnography.

RDA has also coordinated many workshops and meetings related to the DH field.  In May 2015, RDA/US hosted a DH at Johns Hopkins University to discuss the community’s needs for data infrastructure. Additionally, at DH2015 in Australia, Brigette and fellow RDA members Ingrid Mason and Dr. Paul Arthur hosted a meeting to discuss a potential relationship between the two organizations and explore why the DH need shared infrastructure. Most recently, at RDA’s recent Plenary in Paris, Bridget met with various interest and working groups to discuss developments that are potentially useful to the DH community.

For more information about the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, please visit their website.