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RDA Wants Your Input!

The following RDA Working Groups have recently formed and are now in "Community Review," meaning the group's Case Statement is now available for input from the RDA community.

These group's Case Statements should be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  • Are there measurable outcomes?

Impact and Engagement:

  • Will the outcome(s) of the Working Group be taken up by the intended community? 
  • Will the outcome(s) of the Working Group foster data sharing and/or exchange?


  • Can the proposed work, outcomes /deliverables, and Action Plan described in the Case Statement be accomplished in 12-18 months?


  • Is the scope too large for effective progress, too small for an RDA effort, or not appropriate for the RDA?
  • Overall, is this a worthwhile effort for the RDA to take on? Is this an effort that adds value over and above what is currently being done within the community?

RDA/US members are encouraged to evaluate these groups' statements and provide feedback by the above referenced deadlines.  Following the "Community Review" phase, the Case Statements will be forwarded for consideration to the RDA Council.