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RDA's Repository Audit and Certification Working Group Publishes Results of Testbed

The Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership Working Group is an RDA Working Group, co- chaired by RDA/US member Mary Vardigan (former Assistant Director of ICPS), Lesley Rickards (British Oceanographic Data Centre) and Rorie Edmunds (ICSU World Data System [WDS]). Members of the group consist of representatives from the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) and World Data System communities and beyond to explore and develop a DSA–WDS partnership with the objectives of realizing efficiencies, simplifying assessment options, stimulating more certifications, and increasing impact on the community. In August 2016, the RDA Council endorsed the group’s recommendations, which included the Catalogue of Common Requirements and the Procedures for Core Certification. Since August, the group has continued its efforts and now most recently, have published the results of its common certification testbed.

This common testbed, driven by the DSA Board and the WDS Scientific Committee was developed for peer review and certification to provide practical insight into the proposed common WDS DSA catalogue and review process, thus enabling iterative improvements to those procedures.

An updated version of the Catalogue of Common Requirements was also published, based on the activities of the testbed.

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