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RDA/US Chair Francine Berman Referenced in Boston Globe Article Titled "The Race to Preserve Disappearing Data"

In an article featured recently in the Boston Globe titled "The Race to Preserve Disappearing Data,"  author Bina Venkataraman referenced  RDA/US Chair Dr. Francine Berman's ongoing concern that the call to make research data accessible has not been matched by public or private sector funding for the infrastructure needed to host and preserve the data. Without ongoing investment to curate research data, tag its relevant context, create copies, and maintain access, stored scientific data could become lost or meaningless.

In the article, Berman states “Digital preservation is essentially a hot potato problem, where everyone wants to pass responsibility onward.” She noted that in the private sector, companies invest in preserving data that give them a competitive advantage. The larger challenge is preserving those digital artifacts that have broad societal relevance for the future, but no urgent private interest.

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