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RDA/US Data Share Early Career Program Announces 2017 Fellowship Awards

RDA/US Data Share, an early career engagement program for the Research Data Alliance/US is pleased to announce its selection of the 2017 cohort of Fellows. The Data Share program, formed in 2015 through grant funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, selects Fellows to engage with, study and contribute to the RDA. The program aims at strengthening fellows’ careers and their institutions in data science and data sharing through engagement with the large, international community of RDA. The program benefits RDA through the energy, expertise, and efforts of the Fellows. With additional support from the National Science Foundation, the program awarded 13 fellowships this year:

  • Yasmin Alnoamany, CLIR postdoctoral fellow, UC Berkeley
  • Frances Bachstein, Postdoctoral researcher, DataONE
  • John A. Borghi, CLIR postdoctoral fellow, California Digital Library
  • Morgan Currie, Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford University
  • Sam Grabus, Doctoral student, Drexel University
  • Xin Mou, Doctoral student, University of Idaho
  • Alia Khan, Postdoctoral researcher, the National Snow and Ice Data Center
  • Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear, Doctoral student, University of Arizona, University of Waikato
  • Joseph Webb, Doctoral student, Iowa State University
  • Shefang Wang, Doctoral student, Iowa State University
  • Jamie V. Wittenberg, Research data management ibrarian, Indiana University
  • Lorinette S. Wirth, Doctoral student, Saint Louis University
  • Vivian L. Wong, Postdoctoral researcher, University of California Los Angeles

Fellows begin their term in May 2017 and will work on their proposed projects for 12 months. They will report their findings during RDA plenaries and via academic and non-academic outlets.

Visit to read about our current and previous Fellows.