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RDA/US Early Career Fellows Actively Participate in 2016 International Data Week


Seventeen new and continuing RDA/US early career fellows attended International Data Week (IDW) in Denver, Colorado from September 11th-17th 2016. Their active participation and insightful questions raised during breakout and keynote sessions and multiple interactions during informal breaks and networking events undoubtedly contributed to the enthusiasm and success of the week’s events.

All fellows prepared impressive posters on their projects that demonstrated a wide range of interests and areas of expertise. These projects address the challenges of sharing and managing data in the humanities, life sciences, urban communities and medicine, and incorporate latest approaches from semantic web and information and computer sciences. During an early career BoF session of RDA’s 8th Plenary, which occurred at the end of IDW, fellows were joined by the cohort of early career researchers from the European Union.  At the session, which was organized and led by Kathy Fontaine, Inna Kouper and Beth Plale, continuing fellows Cheryl Thompson, Morgan Daniels and Devan Donaldson shared their successful experiences engaging with RDA, enhancing their careers, and taking RDA back to their institutions. Going forward, the group agreed that their engagement in RDA would benefit from creating an RDA Interest Group focused around issues of interest to all early career researchers, including providing continuity to existing fellows’ experiences, connection of past and present cohorts, contributing value back to fellows’ institutions, and identifying more opportunities for RDA involvement.

These talented and research-driven fellows were an enormous success at IDW. 

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The RDA Data Share program is funded through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.