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RDA/US Members Convene in Troy, NY for Annual Leadership Meeting

The 2016 RDA/US Leadership Meeting last month brought together the preeminent minds of the current data world to review long-term directions for the organization and community.  Over the course of the 2-day meeting in Troy, NY, 44 leaders representing the diversity of the community discussed short- and long-term alignment, strategy, and directions for the RDA/US organization. A series of Breakout Sessions, Grant Tables, and Plenary presentations and discussions as well as informal meeting time offered numerous venues for full consideration of ideas, perspectives, and considerations.

Topics centered on the interrelated but distinct themes of 1) programmatic growth and coordination and 2) organizational models and sustainability.  Under the programmatic theme, the existing Initiatives’ status were reviewed, new initiatives were discussed and future areas of growth were identified. The organizational discussions included reviewing models of other similar organizations along with breakout discussions on leadership and Staffing, Services, Membership Growth Strategies, and Business Model Analysis. 

Participants also focused on determining the value proposition for RDA and RDA/US.  View a summary of this discussion.  

Outcomes from the meeting will be used to drive future decisions of the region revolving around issues such as outreach, communications and sustainability.