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RDA/US Initiatives

In addition to RDA events and Plenaries, RDA/US members focus on advancement of the dat community “in region”, i.e. within the United States.  Targeted workshops, projects, student programs, infrastructure adoption efforts and other activities help bring RDA culture and impact to the RDA and help bring U.S. data priorities to the RDA.   RDA/US activities to expand and build the data community within the U.S. include

  • Student/Early Career programs to engage U.S. students with the broader RDA community and to help expand their professional perspectives and networks early on to promote success
  • Targeted Outreach Workshops with data-enabled communities and organizations that expand collaborations and infrastructure within the U.S. data community
  • Partnership with the National Data Service and others to develop a U.S. testbed for RDA outputs and use cases from the RDA community
  • Joint Partnership Agreements between RDA/US and U.S.-based organizations to co-sponsor activities and events that build the RDA community within the U.S.
  • Engagement of potential adopters for Adoption Amplification seed projects to increase the adoption and impact of RDA ouptuts
  • Hosting and U.S. participant support for RDA Plenaries and Working Group Coordination meetings
  • Development of RDA/US -focused brochures and publications to help disseminate information about data sharing

RDA/US welcomes engagement and initiatives at all levels.  If engagement with RDA and RDA/US is a potential benefit for you, your project or your group, please contact us at and let’s talk.